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The HASCXnet is your home for HASC's web-based applications. Membership to this portal is the starting point for access to all HASC's customer facing Rich Internet Applications.


  • Telephone and email support
  • Single sign-on for all tools
  • Permissions based on login
  • Familiar "Outlook" design
  • Support for multiple applications

Call 1-877-GET-XNET today to gain access to these easy to use, time-saving tools!






The Houston Area Safety Council developed the Contractor Prequalification Database through a collaboration with the Commercial Issues Committee of the Houston Business Roundtable. The standardized prequalification form (PQF) is used throughout the industry by contractor companies to provide a thorough description of their services and qualifications. Owners use this information to determine if contractors meet requirements for jobs at their sites.

The paper PQF was converted to a web-based system and launched in the spring of 2004.

PQF Rich Internet Application tools are part of the HASC Xnet and supported by HASC.

Benefits for Contractor Companies

  • Industry standard form
  • Storage and distribution through the HASC Xnet
  • Nationwide e xposure to owners in the industry
  • Low cost
  • Billing through local safety council (where applicable)

Features for Contractor Companies

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF makes forms portable
  • Contractors can edit and make changes to the form online
  • Access control: Contractors can specify which owners are allowed to see their information
  • Email based access requests
  • Built-in PSM Audit support
  • Additonal document support

Benefits for Owner Companies

  • Transparent access requests protect owner privacy
  • Free of charge for owners

Features for Owner Companies

  • Contractor company browsing
  • Download of PQF form and additonal documents






Access control has never been easier. Hundreds of owner companies are using the gatecheck tool to verify identity and qualifications of contractors and employees.

A quick configuration of the application is all that is needed to get started. Once set, the operator will be able to scan badges and get an audiovisual response that indicates whether the cardholder meets defined criteria.


  • Programmable parameters
  • Hands-free operation
  • Compatible with most barcode scanners
  • Alternate keyboard input
  • Audible tone confirmation for unattended operation
  • Photo display
  • Trainee history grid
  • Large red and green indicators
  • Name displayed on screen
  • Supports multiple site configurations
  • Settings saved per deployed computer


  • Compatible with most safety council badges
  • Reciprocal search allows query to extend beyond HASC database

Programmable parameters

  • Trainee history: One or more course codes from reciprocal safety councils
  • SSV: Social Security Verification
  • Basic Plus: As a minumum requirement
  • NASAP Status: North American Substance Abuse Program compliance status
  • Identity based access restriction

Reciprocal Safety Councils queried via Gatecheck

  • HASC (Houston Area Safety Council)
  • CSCTC (Contractors Safety Council of Texas City)
  • CSCB (Contractors Safety Council of Brazosport)





Peoplecheck, another Xnet application, allows HASC members to order background screens from the third-party provider, First Advantage.

Members with First Advantage accounts simply log on to the Xnet, fill out the employee information form, and await the completed screens. To set up your First Advantage account, please submit your completed Third-Party Agreement to HASC Customer Relations.


  • Mailing address validation with USPS database
  • Country, state and county are automatically determined
  • Extensive validation reduces errors
  • Immediate submission feedback from provider
  • Automatic lookup of name elements
  • Centralized management of providers and packages
  • Automatic provider account management
  • Driver's license number validation






HASC members have been enjoying the convenience of online registration since 1999. The next generation of registration tools is here to speed the process and add more functionality.


  • Rich Internet Application
  • Support for multiple trainees
  • Photo display support
  • Ad-hoc process allows user to make changes to registration and resubmit without having to start over
  • History and current registration display conveniently allow users to make registration decisions
  • Course information and prerequisites display
  • Direct course code entry
  • Course code search by keyword
  • Purchase order memory recalls last purchase order number used
  • Current history alert notifies user if a trainee has a course in his/her history and allows for removal
  • Unified interface for fit testing and course registration
  • Automatic fit testing code based on number of masks ordered