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Fax Registration Form

If you would like to register for courses at HASC and do not have Members-Only Extranet access, fill out our Fax Registration Form and send to (281) 476-9936.

Credit Card Authorization Form

A Credit Card Authorization Form is available for companies who wish to pay for training via credit card, pay for invoices received, or keep a credit card on file. Fax the completed form to the HASC Accounting Department at (281)-476-9314 or email to accounting@hasc.com (We accept digital signatures)

Respiratory Program (Fit Testing) Information Form

A Respiratory Program Information Form is required with each registration for fit testing. Always provide alternate respirators when sending trainees for fit testing. Sign the waiver at the bottom if you are waiving the Respirator training or the Pulmonary Function Test (PFT). 

Application for Election to the HASC Board of Directors

HASC has annual elections for empty seats on the Board of Directors. To be considered for candidacy, a nominee must be senior level management of an affiliated member firm. Interested candidates should fill out the Application for Election and a brief biography (see template) and submit via mail, emailed to vote@hacsc.com or faxed to (281) 476-9738 on or before October 20, 2006. Mailed applications for nomination and ballots should be sent to: 

HASC Elections Committee
1301 W. 13th Street
Deer Park, Texas 77536

Once elected, Board members are required to attend six bi-monthly meetings annually and special meetings when called by the board president during their two-year term.  Formal job descriptions and orientations are given to each new board member at the start of their term.